Each His Own was inspired by the “ Elixir of Love” by Gaetano Donizetti.

Isn’t it perhaps a human weakness to believe strongly that a remedy for all ills exists? Who shouldn’t like to have a specific  elixir able to soothe our pains, calm our anxiety, and, why not, nourish our hopes? And didn’t Alchemists by chance want  to get answers to everything, to find a unique cure for all diseases, reach immortality, turn common metals into precious ones and, eventually, to discover/create the philosopher’s stone?  Didn’t Alchemy , however, only deal with  science. It was a philosophical and spiritual system, based on the individual’s development. The processing of metals had also spiritual implications. Turning metals into gold meant changing matter into spirit. Gold was seen as light, goodness and perfection, not only as a means of enrichment. So here is this small and playful work, full of golden elixir…..for everyone and for all, each his own …. able to satisfy one’s own desire and need. And if, after all, elixirs are all the same, our wishes, our intentions make the difference. Like golden drops seem to pour down into this casket, welcome in this open and soft shape, fragile in paper clay and scratched like skin in so many layers of its, like our soul.

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