Im-perfect Balance Inspired by the vision of the game, the art of circus performers, acrobats and theatre.The common thread is our time .… and for all the time, over all our life , we are looking for a reference point, an interior steady point, which helps us keep our own balance . On the thread running through every human emotion, from fear to bewilderment, from joy to excitement but also our ordinary daily life. It ‘s a moment that  carelessness and vanity make  us sink into our heavy gravity . The thread is for sure the search  for balance but above all for Knowledge , a deep knowledge of oneselves, of one’s own limits, desires and then, through  that part of ourselves we share with others, the knowledge of other human Beings and eventually of the Being as a whole; ultimately, for the deep balance ruling the Universe. Since on the life thread we are alone. And it is this human certainty of being fragile which will make us more careful and able to dance almost with lightness , on this thin line hanging between the earth and the sky. A thread which probably doesn’t represent a goal to aim at but, rather, it gives us the pleasure to travel where the joy is along the way we walk, up to the end, till the game is over.

Im-perfect Balance is a multimedia installation  created in 2012, by Paola Ballesi, on behalf of Macerata Carima Foundation in Fiatra Abbey in Tolentino. Inside the cloister 60 red iron sheet figures represent every aspect of our lives, passions…all in im-perfect balance, precariously posed on a red thread. All, however, turning towards the same direction. Two thousand metres of red thread braided along the porches  get to shape in the big canvas (mt 13x3) the skyline  of the Marches landscape. A simple thread to outline it, nature is in im-perfect balance, too.

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