Liquiscape is a cycle  of paintings whose leitmotiv is Illusion. Through Nature liquefaction seeing becomes Vision. Illusion is an idea always lingering in my works to take a tangible shape in this Liquiscape cycle.  Illusion, just like a vertigo, puts you into a state of disorientation. However, while vertigo is the result of a passing, sudden and uncontrollable moment, Illusion, according to me, is  a constant attitude of our being in the world. Then, when our thoughts aren’t cages anymore, but shapes as light as silk, fragile and transparent, or only signs, they will show what is beyond.  And perhaps what is beyond will be more real than what is called reality. In these paintings we  can relate to human mind through Nature and what is round us. Everything moves, appears and hides in dancing shapes and dashes, effortlessly. And it sometimes happens that , in the thick fog, or in the complexity of life,  you can’t get to realise where you are, or you clearly see the reality of things. It’s in the disorientation that new prospects sometimes open .

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