In the upgrading works of the Public Gardens in Recanati, devoted to the famous tenor  Beniamino Gigli, the Local Authority wanted to support also a cultural initiative “Artists’ Gardens” by using the language of Art. The project, by Nikla Cingolani, focused on the importance to draw the public’s attention on Contemporary Art  by means of sculptures to be placed in strategic points of the gardens. In this cultural operation the Local Authority becomes a patron of Contemporary Art by making an open air museum. The works by Federica Amichetti, Marco Cingolani, and Niba, three artitsts from Recanati, were projected in relation to the environement and natural space surrounding them. Each work is expression of a different style and meaning, but all of them have a common denominator which lies in the evocative design of a bench “ a place of rest” from where to look at  the beauty of the area.

Res animi Metaphorically represents the creative process of the idea and its development , till it becomes matter. The great power of the thought is synthesized in the linear and stretched shape, a representation of speed and dynamism which, without any deviation, points straight at the amazing scenery, inviting the public to contemplation. The sculpture lessens its concrete load at the extremity where a shape in pottery, gained from the imprint of a tree bark, reflects upon the  mirroring steel like water, removing any criterion of stiffness. Camouflage games to get in touch with the spirito f the place and its voice.

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